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Social Media Hub ZA was founded in 2015 by Kelly Craytor. Kelly has over 17 years in extensive marketing, advertising and sales experience in various industries. Nothing is more meaningful to deliver a professional, brand and marketing plan to any and all industries.
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How it all began

By changing companies every so often in her career, it helped her gain stringent and various marketing factors that were of importance to all companies she worked for. When she personally developed her personal social media platforms from 2004, from traditional marketing knowledge, Kelly envisioned the new upcoming TREND in Social Media Marketing, Google, website, and online marketing as the next crucial step in any marketing campaigns or plans.
Through brand knowledge, marketing experience and knowing budgets in small businesses, Social Media Hub ZA was created to assist small businesses, primarily, in this upscale marketing trend that would benefit them in a more fashionable, trendy and cost-effective manner.

Social Media Hub ZA

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